Volunteer Opportunities

A medium light-skinned young adult smiles while listening to another adult speak a few seats over from her in a full auditorium.
Our dedicated corps of well-trained volunteers is one of the museum’s most valuable resources.

Volunteers help the museum champion women through the arts by interacting with visitors, serving as welcoming and passionate representatives of the institution, and assisting NMWA staff.

We are not currently recruiting volunteers. We will update this page with new opportunities as they arise.

Photo credit: Kevin Allen

Volunteer Benefits

Volunteers enjoy rewarding experiences welcoming, guiding, and assisting visitors, as well as collegial interaction with staff members and colleagues. In addition, they receive:

  • Invitations to social events throughout the year
  • Annual volunteer appreciation party
  • Annual volunteer gift and 10 guest passes for free museum admission

  • Free admission to NMWA
  • NMWA security badge grants the holder free or reduced admission to participating museums across the country
  • 20% discount in the Museum Shop